I take "ménage à trois" to a whole new level. Adding a third person is one sure way of shaking things up. In my opinion, it's one of those things in life everyone MUST try at least once, and if you choose the correct people to do so with, you'll likely want to do it again and again (and again, and again)...

One thing I absolutely love about joining a couple is watching the dynamics between you, seeing you interact with each other and seeing you push each others' buttons because you know what works. What I love more though, is finding my space within these dynamics and elevating them to unspeakable heights. To me, this is truly empowering.

The beauty of joining a couple is that there are no fixed structures, it's all about what is comfortable to you both and how you both want me to interact with you, or sometimes as it will, not interact with you. I have had the pleasure of joining a number of couples and each meeting has been completely unique from the last. To give you an idea of the various ways we can mingle together, I have separated the meeting styles into three categories, but within each, there are a million tangents each can break off into:


I interact with both of you as a double submissive session. One dominant, two submissives ; think of the fun possibilities.

I interact with just the wife of the couple, using the scenario as the husband's personal lesbian fantasy to taunt and tease him before I make my exit, leaving the wife to do whatever she pleases with her extremely aroused husband.

The previous scenario is flipped to me interacting with just the husband, with the wife acting as an innocent bystander or wicked puppet master, encouraging me to abuse her husband.

In addition to physical sessions I have also been sent a husband by the wife to do various things to him, as instructed by her and then asked to feed back or provide photos / videos of this; this is extremely empowering for me, and for the wife I imagine! The main thing is, that everyone is comfortable with the level of interaction, and so I do insist on speaking with both parties prior to meeting to ensure that the meeting is desired for all. However, please note that there will be absolutely no sexual services given to men, under any circumstances.

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