Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions...

How do I make an appointment with you?

Please send me a text or email with the following info:

- Your name (out of sheer courtesy!)
- The date you'd like to meet
- The time you'd like to meet
- How long you'd like to spend together
- The type of meeting you'd like (GFE / Dinner date / BDSM / Roleplay/ etc)

Messages lacking these details and those which are moronic, at best, will be ignored. Messages such as "Hi", "Postcode", "You free?" will also be completely ignored.

If you follow the above advice, I will then get back to you as soon as I can. If you wish to make an appointment on the same day, phone calls are also welcome, although I may not have any availability left.

You want a deposit but I don't bank online / deal only with cash / don't have the time to so do 

Pure and simple, I require a deposit to secure your appointment.

There are multiple ways for you to pay this deposit, including a quick online transfer and Amazon e-gift card. There are no exceptions to this rule. My time is valuable to me and should be respected as such; there's absolutely nothing worse for me than getting all gorgeously ready for someone who has no intention of showing! I will schedule with sincere clients only who will keep to their agreement, and deposits are one way of ensuring this. I hope you understand.

Why won't you answer your phone to me? / I keep getting your auto response text?

Ahhh well, that could be for a number of reasons -

1. I am in a meeting - I do not answer my phone when my time is dedicated to someone else; how rude would that be?

2. I am physically unable to answer or speak discreetly - such as driving or in a public place.

3. There has been a substantial amount of time between you contacting me and me seeing it - I don't want to respond out of discretion for you.

4. It is my day off.

Where is your incall premises?

I am based around a 3 minute walk from Glasgow Central Station or 10 minute walk from Glasgow Queen Street Station.

Where do you do outcalls to?

I only visit hotels of 4 star +, not a domestic property. I offer escort outcall meetings in Glasgow, Edinburgh and most areas within the Central Belt.

Is there anything you don't enjoy?

My ultimate no-nos are vaginal fingering, anal play or anal penetration on me (with the exception of rimming - this, I quite enjoy when done skilfully), CIM, facials, bad breath and poor hygiene in general, clients arriving drunk or intoxicated, and lastly, I certainly don't "party" so please don't ask. Don't worry, if you arrive sober, use the showering facilities if required and be respectful of my body then we'll get along swimmingly.

Are you always so business-like?

Not in the slightest. I have learned, sadly, that one must display all aspects and requirements very, very clearly and leave nothing to ambiguity. It's best that all cards are on the table, for me and for you.

How do I know you are genuine?

I understand many people have reservations when selecting someone to spend time with, so for your peace of mind, please view my 100% positive feedback on my Adultwork profile and Escort Scotland - there are also in-depth field reports there created by clients after our meeting.

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