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You're curious, aren't you? You want to know more than just what I offer as a Glasgow escort; you want to know who I am, what I like to do for fun and what puts a smile on my face. Ok, I'll give you a little taster, since you are so eager. But just know, this is only scratching the surface of the diverse and complex things which collate to make me, me! Also, I should warn you; once you begin to unravel me, you will want more.

My  favourites

Music: Jazz; blues; acoustic guitar; orchestral strings and, controversially, drum and bass

Food: Italian; Thai and Japanese

Art: Impressionism

Sports: Swimming; yoga and poledance

Hobby: Cooking and playing violin

Books: Crime thrillers, by authors such as: BA Paris; Michael Connelly and Steve Cavanagh

Destination: Italy; Malta and France


Many clients ask if they can bring me a gift; this is never expected or required. I prefer that you bring your cheery self and my escort fee. However, if you would really, really like to bring me a gift, here are some things I like and things to definitely avoid.

I <3

Lush bath bombs

Lemon Yankee Candle products


Bare Minerals skincare products

Aveda hair products

Fluffy socks

The White Company reed diffusers

Ghost perfume

Darkest Fox lingerie

I don't <3

Alcohol - I don't drink very often

Flowers - growing something beautiful to cut it down angers me!

Chocolate - I follow a strict diet and have no need for sweets

If you'd like some further inspiration or to send me a beautiful gift remotely, then have a peek at my Amazon Wishlist.

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